Master Specifications and Design Standards
These master specifications and design standards are intended to provide information and resources to architectural/engineering consultants design projects for the Port of Portland or its tenants. The documents are updated frequently; please download the current version when starting work on a new project. Please contact your Port contact with project questions.

Construction Master Specifications
Specifications Standards Manual (PDF)
CAD and BIM Standards Manual (PDF)
AutoCAD Templates and Blocks
PDX Tenant Guide Details
HVAC Standards for IT Rooms (PDF)
Electrical Circuit Request Form (XLS)
PDX Landscaping Standards (PDF)
Stormwater Design Standards Manual (PDF)
Stormwater Design Standards Manual Appendices (PDF)

These master specifications and design standards are intended for use by consultants to the Port of Portland and by others for construction and remodeling of Port-owned facilities. The Port of Portland bears no liability or responsibility for any other use of these specifications/design standards.

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