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Portland International Airport (PDX) is committed to ensuring the safety of the airlines, airport businesses and visitors. The Fire Department manages the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), Paramedic, Structural, Training and Inspections, and Water Rescue emergency programs at PDX. Select from the Fire Department menu for more information about the department´s programs or contact us below for aditional information.

PDX Fire Department, 503.460.4600

Facts and Figures
The Port of Portland Fire Department began operations in October 1962. Currently, 36 dedicated professionals staff the department. While qualified as traditional firefighters, their primary mission is aircraft firefighting. Fire Department personnel work on three rotating shifts. Each shift is normally comprised of ten firefighters (of which three are paramedics), two officers (one captain and one lieutenant) and three water-rescue-qualified firefighters. The on-duty shift works for 24 hours, followed by 48 hours off. Personnel assigned to the training and inspections department work four 10-hour shifts per week. Shift changes occur at 8 a.m. each morning. The fire department has equipment valued at more than $3 million. This includes four ARFF trucks, one structural pumper (fire engine), an advanced life support unit called a “rescue,” and a Columbia River-based water rescue boat. Each vehicle has a specific firefighting task.

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Job Opportunities
All firefighter positions at the airport are classified as civil service. Prospective candidates enroll in periodic competitive exams, which are held approximately every 24 months. When firefighter positions become open, the candidates highest on the list go through an extensive interview and selection process. 

For more information about the Fire Department´s job opportunities, visit our Job Opportunities Web page.

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