Hillsboro Airport Roundtable Exchange Members

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Each HARE meeting includes time to chat with representatives about airport issues. For information about joining the committee, please contact Brooke Berglund, Outreach and Tour Program Manager, at 503.415.6532.

Community At-Large
Mike Gallagher
Fred Hostetler, Chair
Jack Lettieri
Kimberly Culbertson, CPO 9
Henry Oberhelman, CPO 8
Bill Seibt

Jurisdictional Representatives
Mayor Jerry Willey, City of Hillsboro
Stephen Roberts, alternate for Washington County Commissioner Andy Dyck
Rudi Resnick, alternate for Sen. Bruce Starr, Dist. 15
Bob Flansburg, alternate for Representative Joe Gallegos, District 30
Bob Braze, alternate for Representative Ben Unger, District 29

Business Representatives
Cathy Stanton, Westside Economic Alliance
Deanna Palm, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Annette Campista, Latino Business Community

Airport Business Representatives
Brian Lockhart, Global Aviation
Judy Willey, alternate for Oregon International Airshow
Mike Warrens, Oregon International Airshow

Technical Representative
Joe Fiala, Federal Aviation Administration Hillsboro Control Tower
Clint Bedwell, alternate for Federal Aviation Administration Hillsboro Control Tower

Hillsboro Airport Historian
Bert Zimmerly, Global Aviation

Port of Portland Representative
Steve Nagy, General Aviation Manager

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