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Official Rules - Seaport Celebration 2014 Kid Creations Chef Competition

By participating in this event, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.

No Purchase Or Payment Is Required To Enter Or Win. Open Only To Legal Residents Of The United States. Void Where Prohibited By Law.

Deadlines:  The Seaport Celebration 2014 Kid Creations Chef Competition (the “Competition”) is a two-part competition involving (1) a random drawing (the “Drawing”), and (2) a cooking contest, for Drawing winners only, which is based in part on skill (the “Contest”).  The Drawing begins at 8:00 a.m. (PST) on June 27, 2014, and ends at midnight (PST) on August 8, 2014 (the “Drawing Period”).   The Contest will take place at Seaport Celebration at marine Terminal 4, 11040 N. Lombard Street, Portland, OR (“Seaport Celebration”), on August 16, 2014 (the “Event Date”).  

Who May Enter:  The Competition is open to children aged 10-14 as of the Event Date whose legal guardians are legal residents of the United States of America who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry.  Children of employees, officers, commissioners, and directors of the Port, the advertising or promotional agencies of the Port, or any others associated with the Competition are not eligible to enter.  The Port’s decisions with respect to eligibility of entrants are in the Port’s sole discretion and are final in all respects.  The Competition is void where prohibited by law.

How to Enter:  Entries will be accepted online only. Visit (the “Competition Website”); the legal guardian age 18 or older of an eligible minor child entrant must enter all required information during the Drawing Period to enter a minor child in the Drawing.  No other forms of entry will be accepted.  Limit one entry per person; multiple entries on behalf of the same child are void.  No purchase or payment is required to enter or win.

Drawing Winner Selection and Notification:  The Port will select three separate Drawing winners by conducting a random drawing from all eligible entries at the conclusion of the Drawing Period (“Primary Drawing Winners”).  At such time the Port will also randomly select three separate entrants to serve as replacement Drawing winners should one or more of the Primary Drawing winners not participate in the Contest for any reason (“Backup Drawing Winners”).  The Port will contact Primary Drawing Winners and Backup Drawing Winners within 24 hours from the date Drawing winners are selected.  At such time the Port will provide both Primary Drawing Winners and Backup Drawing Winners with specific instructions about Contest participation.  If any Primary or Backup Drawing Winner cannot be contacted within 72 hours from notice of selection, the right to participate in the Contest will automatically be forfeited without notice and an alternate will be randomly selected.  See also the additional information below under “Drawing Winners’ Participation in the Contest.”  Drawing entrants that do not win will not be notified. 

Odds of Winning the Drawing: The odds of winning the Drawing portion of the Competition are dependent on the number of eligible entries received.

Drawing Winners’ Participation in the Contest:  In order to participate in the Contest all Primary Drawing Winners and their legal guardians must attend Seaport Celebration in person.  In order to have a chance to replace a non-participating Primary Drawing Winner as a Contest participant, Backup Drawing Winners and their legal guardians must also attend Seaport Celebration in person.  All Primary Drawing Winners and Backup Drawing Winners must check in with Contest administrators at Seaport Celebration by 1:30 p.m. on the Event Date.  If a Primary Drawing Winner does not participate in the Contest for any reason, the Contest administrators will randomly select a replacement Contest participant from among the Backup Drawing Winners in attendance at Seaport Celebration.  If all Primary Drawing Winners participate in the Contest, Backup Drawing Winners will not participate in the Contest and will not have a chance to win the Contest Prize.  The Port’s selection of Contest participants will be final and binding in all respects.  Winners must meet all eligibility requirements set forth in these Official Rules to qualify to participate in the Contest. 

Contest Information:  Participating Drawing winners in attendance at Seaport Celebration may compete in the Contest, which is a cooking contest known as the Kid Creations Chef Competition.  Three participating Drawing winners will each be paired with a professional chef of the Port’s designation, in the Port’s sole discretion.  The three teams must each create a food dish that features some of Oregon’s agricultural export commodities.  Ingredients will be provided.  Participants will have a fixed amount of time, designated by the Port in its sole discretion, to prepare, cook, and present a food dish to a panel of judges.  The Port will convene the panel of judges in its sole discretion.  The food dishes will be judged based on the extent of use of the local agricultural ingredients provided, the creativity of the dish, and the overall presentation.  Port-designated Competition representatives will administer all aspects of the Contest in accordance with these Official Rules.  To the extent a Contest issue is not addressed herein, such representatives may administer the Contest as may be necessary to conduct the Contest as is generally intended by these Official Rules, in the administrators’ sole discretion.  Contest administrators may announce additional Contest Rules on the Event Date, as necessary to implement these Official Rules.  All decisions with respect to the Contest, including the judges’ selection of a winner, will be final in all respects.

Odds of Winning the Contest: The odds of winning the Contest portion of the Competition are one in three provided that three teams participate in the Contest.

Contest Prize:  The panel of judges will select one Contest winner based on the evaluation criteria set forth above.  The child participant on the winning team will win a prize basket full of items related to Oregon’s agricultural exports and users of the Port’s Terminal 6.  The prize must be claimed in person at the Seaport Celebration registration desk on the Event Date, and will not be distributed in any other manner.  The winner may be required to provide documentation demonstrating compliance with the eligibility requirements of these Official Rules when claiming the prize. The Port’s decisions with respect to such compliance are in the Port’s sole discretion and are final in all respects.

Prize Value:  The verifiable retail value of the prize is approximately $200.

Conditions:  The Port reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to: (1) cancel, suspend, and/or modify any part of the Competition if any fraud, technical failures, or any other factor beyond the Port’s reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Competition; (2) modify these Official Rules at any time, to waive minor entry informalities without liability, or to otherwise modify, suspend, or terminate the Competition at any time; and (3) disqualify any individual the Port finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Competition or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules or in a disruptive manner.  Any attempt by any person to deliberately undermine the legitimate operation of the Competition may be a violation of law.  Should such an attempt be made, the Port reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.  The Port’s failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules does not constitute a waiver of that provision or of any other provision.  The Port will not be responsible for any: (a) telephone, computer, hardware, software, programming, or interrupted or unavailable network, server or other connections, network malfunction, or other technical failures or errors, or failure to properly process entries; (b) communication disruption or other forces beyond the reasonable control of the Port, including inability to access the Drawing Website, submit entries, or other disruption related to Internet traffic, virus, bug or non-authorized intervention; or (c) damage caused by computer virus or otherwise resulting to any computer from an entrant’s access of the Drawing Website, whether human, mechanical, or electronic.  If such malfunction, error, disruption, or damage occurs and impairs the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper play of the Competition, the Port may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the Competition by posting a notice at the Drawing Website or by an announcement at Seaport Celebration.  Persons found tampering with or abusing any aspect of the Competition, or whom the Port believes to be causing malfunction, error, disruption, or damage will be disqualified in the Port’s sole discretion.  The Port reserves the right to void all Drawing entries made through any robotic, automatic, mechanical, programmed, or similar entry duplication method and to disqualify any individual using such a method.

Image/Publicity Consent:  By entering the Competition the legal guardians of the minor child Competition entrants agree, on behalf of such legal guardian and its minor child Competition entrant (collectively, the “Entrants”), that the Port and all third parties acting with the permission of the Port (collectively, the “Grantees”) may use without restriction or limitation (including but not limited to reproduction, display, broadcast, television, publishing, posting and distributing) the Entrants’ name, biographical information, performance, voice, portrait, photograph and/or any other likeness, either in whole or in part, in any form, style, size or color, as edited by a Grantee or its designee (collectively, an “Image”) for any purpose whatsoever without additional compensation in any and all media.  Entrants waive any right to inspect or approve any promotional materials relating to the Competition, or to determine the use to which an Image may be put.  Entrants assign to the Grantees all copyrights, rights of privacy, publicity, or any other property rights, if any, as necessary relating to the use of the entrant’s Image consistent with the consent given herein.

Legal:  By entering, Entrants agree to (1) release and hold harmless the Port and its commissioners, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability for any injuries, loss, or damages of any kind arising from or in connection with the Competition, any prize, or the Grantees’ use of the Entrants’ Image; and (2) defend, indemnify, reimburse, and hold harmless the Grantees for, from, and against any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities of any kind, including court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, arising from the Entrants’ participation in the Competition or the Grantees’ use of the Entrants’ Image.  Entrants acknowledge that the consent, release, and indemnity given herein does not represent the payment of anything of value, purchase of anything, or making of a donation.  The Competition is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.  The laws of the State of Oregon will govern the Competition.  Any action or proceeding arising out of the Contest or the Drawing will be litigated in courts located in Multnomah County, Oregon. 

Sponsor:  Port of Portland, PO Box 3529, Portland, OR 97208 (Copies of Official Rules are available at such address)

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