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PORTLAND, ORE. (February 8, 2013) – ‘Hats off’ to Dayna Pinkham at PDX

Hats OffPortland International Airport travelers’ tip their hats to Dayna Pinkham’s new hat exhibit on display along Concourse E until mid-July.

Located near Coffee People, this exhibit is designed by world-renowned 22-year-milliner, Dayna Pinkham. As a Northwest native, Pinkham designs and constructs hats at her own boutique in downtown Portland, Ore. Pinkham Millinery is the only operating millinery in the city. Pinkham's hats are featured in several fashion shows, fundraising auctions and benefit events worldwide.

During her apprenticeship with New York fashion designer John Eaton, Pinkham learned time-honored methods of design conception; steaming and shaping felt, straw, and buckram over wood blocks; and finishing with fine hand stitching. Her signature styles incorporate timeless elegance with modern, contemporary appeal.

Although many hats sold in retail stores are mass-produced by machines, the process of hat making remains the same as it has for centuries. Pinkham’s creations are hand-blocked from high-quality materials and finished with handmade, whimsical trim.

“Pinkham’s old-world craftsmanship is a rarity in today’s modern technical age,” said Greta Blalock, PDX art and entertainment program coordinator. “Her designs are chic and distinctive, combining modern style and flair with age-old technique. Pinkham’s hats are not only fashionable, they are works of art.”

PDX’s art program is designed to showcase the dynamic cultural life of the Northwest and showcase a variety of work through ongoing relationships with regional artists like Dayna Pinkham, and other art organizations, museums and educational institutions.

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Contact: Steve Johnson 503.415.6591

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