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PORTLAND, ORE. (May 7, 2013) – Portland Artists Showcase Terrain Exhibit at PDX

Butters' Work
Jeffrey Butters' work combines oil paint with other materials to guide his compositions and color arrangements

Portland International Airport showcases contemporary works in oil, gold leaf, encaustic and ink to represent culture in the Northwest. The exhibit, Terrian features work from Jeffrey Butters, Joseph Kucinski, and Elise Wagner and is located post-security on Concourse B until October 31.

Inspired by the natural world, Butters’ work combines oil paint with other materials to produce chemical reactions to guide his compositions and color arrangements. In addition to painting, Butters acts as the creative director for Butters Gallery in Northwest Portland. Surrounded by a community of artists, he is constantly inspired to explore new concepts. 

Butters Gallery also represents Wagner’s work to showcase her use of symbolism and unique expression. “The texture, depth and complexity of the surfaces of my paintings imply realms of the physical and celestial, while the scientific symbolism suggests the accurate and quantifiable,” said Wagner.


Kucinski’s work is created large. His broad canvases serve as a form of dance studio as he becomes absorbed in the motion of his work, which is on display at Gallery 903 in Portland’s Pearl District. “The process of using ink washes is a meditative act meant to embody our instinctual unconscious and conjure past events,” said Kucinski.

The art program at PDX is designed to illustrate the dynamic culture of the Northwest and showcase a variety of work through ongoing relationships with regional artists and organizations.

Wagner's Work
Elise Wagner's work showcases symbolism and expression

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Contact: Steve Johnson 503.415.6591

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