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PORTLAND, ORE. (Sept. 19, 2013) – PDX Tree Removal Preserves Flight Safety

To ensure continued flight safety at Portland International Airport, workers will begin removing trees Sunday in the airport’s economy parking lot.

The stand of black cottonwoods is growing to heights that are beginning to grow into the federally regulated airspace. As growth continues, the trees would affect the instruments that help aircraft land on the north runway. As required by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Port of Portland is responsible for ensuring that the airspace remains free of obstructions for continued safe aircraft operations.

Workers will replace the trees with lower-growing, native vegetation. The work will take place in several phases to help increase the survival rate of the new vegetation, and therefore run through late 2014.

While the trees were last topped in 2000 for flight safety, repeated topping makes them hazardous to work around. Permanently removing the cottonwoods and replacing them with lower-growing native vegetation, provides a long-term, sustainable solution. Workers will remove approximately 400 cottonwoods and replace them with more than 23,000 lower-growing, native shrub and small tree species such as vine maple, Oregon grape, red-flowering currant and native roses and willow.

Contact: Steve Johnson 503.415.6591

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