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PORTLAND, ORE. (April 30, 2014) – John Grade Reveals Eco-friendly Sculpture at PDX

As part of a 15-piece art series, eco-friendly sculpture greets travelers on lower roadway

In partnership with Seattle artist, John Grade, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), Portland International Airport welcomes a new sculpture entitled Bastion, on the lower roadway.

Commissioned by the City of Portland's Percent for Art Program and administered by the RACC, Grade designed two eco-friendly sculptures located at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Portland.

The two-part installation consists of a cast iron sculpture, sections of which were fabricated during an Art/Industry Residency at the Kohler Co., and a wood sculpture made from repurposed wood at the site consisting of Douglas Fir, oak and cherry wood.

The forms are inspired by a contradictory blend of curved waves and rigid walls designed to contain water. The repeating fluted pieces are derived from a type of microscopic organism known as coccolithophore. Each fluted piece has elongated calcium shells in the shape of flutes that bloom in large masses below the surface of the sea.

The wood sculpture, Bastion, is divided among 15 art pieces temporarily sited for up to three years at multiple locations throughout the city and state. Gradually, the divided sections will be returned and re-installed at the original site in North Portland. Over time, the divided sections will reflect different environmental impacts from the various sites. A map of all of the sites will be available for distribution in early June.

"The Port is excited to work with John Grade on this community-wide installations project," says Greta Blalock, Port Art Program Administrator. "We're committed to protecting the environment and this project raises awareness about proactive environmental mitigation and adaptation strategies."

PDX's art program illustrates the dynamic culture of the Pacific Northwest by showcasing a variety of works through ongoing relationships with regional artists and art organizations.

Learn more about the City of Portland's Percent for Art Program administered by the Regional Arts & Culture Council, or call the RACC at 503.823.5111. Grade's artwork, is also available online, and photos can be seen at


Contact: Steve Johnson 503.415.6591

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