Welcome to The Port of Portland’s updated online neighborhood flight tracking system. We are pleased to continue bringing you this useful tool. With it, you are able to view aircraft activity within the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region from your own computer, including most traffic for regional airports, including PDX. The flight information provided includes the airline identification, aircraft type, airport the aircraft is operating in or out of, whether it is an arrival or departure, and the altitude. Enhancements in this version include the ability to display flight track activity over an aerial photo map, or aerial photo/road map hybrid, as well as the ability to minimize the left side tool bar, expanding the viewable map area.

As you use the flight tracking system, please note the following:

  • The site is best accessed through a high-speed broadband Internet connection. If you have a dialup connection, it will perform very slowly.
  • This application should not be used to predict arrival or departure times for a particular passenger flight. For that kind of information, visit pdx.com.
  • Radar data for the site is collected once per hour from the Federal Aviation Administration. The time required for this data transfer, processing and federal security requirements results in a 90-minute delay.
  • Per federal regulations, some aircraft flight data is excluded. This includes operations by law enforcement and military aircraft.
  • Flight data may be limited by geographic interferences, i.e. mountainous terrain which impacts radar tracking capability.
  • Aircraft information, including the aircraft model, the origin/destination airports, and flight number, is included whenever possible, however this information is often not available for general aviation aircraft flight tracks displayed in the system.

If you need assistance using this application or have questions related to aircraft operations or noise, please contact the Noise Management Department at: 503.460.4100 or 800.938.6647.

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