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Credit Card In/Out Makes Parking Even Easier at PDX!

There's another fast and convenient method of payment for parking at PDX. Simply use your credit card to enter and exit the Short-Term or Long-Term garage or Economy lot, and skip pulling a ticket.

Here's how it works:

  1. Insert your credit card in the ticket dispensing machine when you enter the Short-Term or Long-Term garage or Economy lot..
  2. Retrieve your credit card; a ticket will not be issued.
  3. When you leave, proceed to the parking exit plaza (no need to use the Quick Pay machines).
  4. Insert the same credit card that you used at the entry gate at any credit card/prepaid exit lane.
  5. Retrieve your credit card and receipt. This completes your transaction.
  6. You're on your way, and your credit card account will be charged for the time you were parked.
  7. To receive the disabled parking discount, payment needs to be made at one of the open cashier booths at the exit plaza. The cashier is required to document the appropriate parking credentials.
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