Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

Current Status

The 2005 Hillsboro Airport Compatibility Study Update recommended the implementation of a series of operational and land use measures to ensure and improve the compatibility of the airport with surrounding land uses. A Hillsboro Airport Issues Roundtable subcommittee focused on the land use measures, meeting numerous times over 18 months to develop recommendations for the City of Hillsboro to consider when developing an airport use zone and an airport safety zone for Hillsboro Airport.

After a lengthy public process, including two public hearings, the City of Hillsboro’s Planning Commission created an airport use zone and an airport safety and compatibility overlay zone, which were approved by Hillsboro City Council in October 2010. The new zones had little to no impact on existing homes and businesses and did not affect existing land uses; however, the zones did create some new conditions that could affect new development.

In July 2010, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals issued a decision stating that portions of the City’s ordinances were unconstitutional and that the City’s process should have included a traffic impacts study. The Port will work with the City of Hillsboro as it determines the best next steps to address LUBA’s concerns. Please stay involved by attending quarterly Hillsboro Airport Issues Roundtable meetings.



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