Cultural ResourcesA Cultural Resources Study of the Proposed Hayden Island Marine Industrial Park Multnomah County, OregonMar-86Willamette Associates Required through the environmental review process. The report concluded no significant evidence of either prehistoric or historic occupation.
Economic StudiesPortland Vancouver Trade Capacity AnalysisJan-06Global Insight for Metro, Port of Portland, Port of Vancouver and Portland Development CommissionStudy to determine the impact of increased international and domestic trade on the region's supply of and demand for trade supported infrastructure.
Economic StudiesThe Cost of Congestion to the Economy of the Portland RegionNov-05Economic Development Research GroupPublic and private sector study addressing the Portland region's rising congestion issues.
Economic StudiesMetro 2040 Growth ConceptJan-95MetroA long-range plan designed to guide growth and development throughout the Metro region.
Economic StudiesWashington Ports ForecastJan-04BST AssociatesForecasts a 2/3 increase in cargo volumes over the next two decades. Reports on infrastructure challenges.
Economic StudiesThe Oregon Port AssessmentOct-86Booz-Allen & HamiltonIdentifies development needs for Oregon's ports and identifies several development and organizational alternatives to respond to needs.
Economic StudiesMarket Demand Analysis Report for the Industrial Lands Inventory AssessmentJul-03ECONorthwest, Group Mackenzie, Johnson Gardner for Portland Development CommissionReport addresses:
- Demand for industrial land in Portland region
- Supply of vacant industrial land
- Vacancy and absorption rates
Environmental InformationTechnical Memo Potential Natural and Cultural Resources Impacts and Mitigation EvaluationOct-09SWCAEvaluation of natural and cultural environmental consequences related to environmental permitting for one development footprint on WHI
Environmental InformationRegional Wildlife-Habitat Classes for West Hayden IslandJun-98Port of PortlandAn introduction to the Port of Portland's Natural Resources Inventory
Environmental InformationNRI Fact SheetJun-98Port of PortlandAn introduction to the Port of Portland's Natural Resources Inventory
Environmental InformationLocal Wildlife-Habitat Classes for West Hayden IslandJun-98Port of PortlandAn introduction to the Port of Portland's Natural Resources Inventory
Habitat/Natural Resource StudiesFish Distribution and Relative Abundance in Columbia River Shallow Water Habitat Near the Portland International AirportJun-98Ellis Ecological Services, Inc.Study documents the presence and absence of juvenile salmonids in the vicinity of proposed PDX discharge sites. Study area includes portions of WHI.
Habitat/Natural Resource StudiesBiological Assessment for Listed and Proposed Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plant Species - WHI Port Facilities DevelopmentOct-00Maurita Smyth and URSBA examines how the Port of Portland's proposed development of marine terminals on WHI may affect certain species.
Habitat/Natural Resource StudiesWest Hayden Island Development Program Technical Report: Aquatic Biology InvestigationsJan-95Fishman Environmental Services for the Port of PortlandReport with the goal of characterizing the sediments and the benthic invertebrate communities inhabiting the areas around WHI.
Historic Development StudiesWest Hayden Island Development Program Final ReportMar-97CenturyWest for the Port of PortlandDescribes a very detailed 1997 development program. Illustrates hypothetical zoning footprints based on marine industrial, recreation and habitat uses.
Historic Development StudiesHayden Island Plan DocumentJan-09 David Evans and Associates Inc A neighborhood plan for Hayden Island (east of the rail bridge) identifies opportunities to improve accessibility, livability and sustainability.
Historic Development StudiesEnvironmental Impact Statement West Hayden Island Industrial ParkJan-87U.S. Army Corps of EngineersAn Environmental Impact Statement completed in 1987 for Portland General Electric. It describes a permitted development proposal proposed before the Port purchased the property.
Planning BackgroundMemorandum: Zoning and Planning Framework for West Hayden Island AnnexationMar-09Ball Janik LLP Provides a summary of the planning history for WHI and the legal framework that flows from that history. Completed to assist the City, Port and the CWG as work on the evaluation process continues.
Planning BackgroundWest Hayden Island Proposed Annexation And RezoningNov-08Oregon ConsensusA neutral assessment of issues related to the annexation of West Hayden Island into the City.
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 5 Plan DistrictMay-99COP, POP and Advisory CommitteeDiscusses use regulations, development standards, review and approval criteria
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 1May-99W&H PacificVolume 1 of a lengthy document discussing an introduction to the plan, area background, comprehensive zone/plan, public involvement efforts, figures, and appendix.
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 2 Natural Resource ElementMay-99W&H PacificProvides resource inventories, analyzes conflicting uses and refines a potential Goal 5 protection plan.
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 4 Transportation Analysis May-99ParametrixDiscusses existing conditions, future conditions, analysis of development alternatives, recommended development plan.
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 6 Mitigation PlansMay-99U.S. Army Corps of EngineersDiscusses project site plan, areas function and values to be lost or altered, proposed compensatory mitigation site, assumptions, goals, gains and losses in wetland functions or values implementation methods, implementation schedule, design details, person responses, monitoring plans, long term protection, water rights, and contingency
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 7 Transportation IGAMay-99COP and POPTransportation IGA between Port and City of Portland
Prior City of Portland Planning Process (1999)Area Plan Volume 3 Market StudyMay-99W&H PacificDiscusses industrial lands needs analysis, alternative marine industrial site analysis, annexation and comprehensive plan goals and policies,