The Port of Portland and Toyota - a Renewed Partnership

Retaining Family Wage Jobs. Working with the Community
Toyota Redevelopment

Approval of the 15-year marine terminal lease agreement between the Port of Portland and Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. ensures a number of direct benefits for the greater Portland area.

Job Retention

Job Retention
Toyota's commitment to the city means 200 family wage jobs will stay in North Portland — jobs that average $40,000 per year in salary. Also, 40 percent of the current work force at Toyota's Terminal 4 auto handling facility lives in North Portland, further strengthening the neighborhood's economy.

Environmental Enhancements and Energy Conservation
Toyota's redeveloped auto handling facility includes several key components designed to improve the facility's environmental "footprint":

  • Storm Water Runoff Management
    The storm water management system at Toyota's redeveloped auto handling facility either directs runoff to bioswale culverts that naturally filter the water, or to a mechanical system that removes oil and solids before releasing storm water into the Willamette River.

  • Riverbank Restoration
    1,700 linear feet of restored riverbank improves wildlife habitat.

  • Energy Conservation
    Energy efficient buildings and directional yard lighting are key features of the project. For example, the new yard lighting uses one-third the energy of the old system, produces twice the output, and greatly reduces reflection into windows of nearby homes.

Ron Corbin

Neighborhood Involvement Leads to Safer and Quieter Streets
Robin Plance, chair of the St. Johns Neighborhood Association, said the Port and Toyota have made significant inroads with North Portland residents.

By proactively engaging them in discussions, the Port worked with the neighborhood association by addressing the redevelopment project and responding to their concerns regarding traffic congestion and other potential neighborhood impacts.

"It's important for residents to have a voice in economic vitality projects planned for their neighborhoods. In our case, the Port and Toyota have helped redirect heavy truck traffic out of most residential sections of our neighborhood, which makes for safer, quieter streets," he said.

Robin Plance

Good News for the Port and the Region
The Port of Portland continues to serve as the West Coast's largest volume automobile-handling port, and Toyota's renewed commitment to Portland will ensure the Port's continued strength in this important business sector.

Maintaining Toyota's logistics facility at Terminal 4 provides an important revenue stream for the Port and also helps support related rail, water and truck transport industries in the region.

Toyota RedevelopmentThe two-year, $40 million redevelopment project — approximately $30 million of which was invested by Toyota — served as the cornerstone for redevelopment of the Port's entire Terminal 4 marine facility, which has served the region's shipping needs since 1919.

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