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The Port of Portland initiated an update to the Hillsboro Airport's Master Plan and Compatibility Study Update in June 2003. The goal of the master plan was to ensure that Hillsboro Airport meets future demand for aviation services while also being sensitive to local community issues.

An airport master plan follows a well-developed process, which includes these basic tasks:

  • Form a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to work with the Port and the consultant on different development scenarios;
  • Compile a comprehensive inventory of existing airport facilities;
  • Determine the airport's future role in the regional aviation system;
  • Forecast future aviation needs at Hillsboro Airport;
  • Examine current capacity of the airport in light of facilities needed to accommodate future demand;
  • Identify operational and land use strategies for compatibility with the community;
  • Develop alternatives to meet future airport needs;
  • Prepare cost estimates for each viable alternative;
  • Develop criteria for selecting a preferred alternative;
  • Work with the PAC and consider public input to select the preferred alternative;
  • Present the preferred alternative to Port of Portland Commission; and
  • Update airport and airspace diagrams for Federal Aviation Administration approval.
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