Alderwood Path repair complete

by timmel 7/18/2013 1:09 PM


Alderwood Path completed repair work - July 2013

The Alderwood Path, a multi-use trail that runs through Portland International Center, is now reopoened. The Port of Portland just completed follow-up repair work on the trail. The trail had become severely damaged by tree root upheaval in several locations. In February, the Port removed some trees that were posing a present and future upheaval risk to the path. The repair work consisted of repaving the path and installing root barriers in some locations to prevent future damage. Tha path consists of two segments - one runs along a natural area, while the other parallels the Columbia Slough. The improved path is ready just in time for cyclists and walkers alike to enjoy the beautiful weather.


 Alderwood Path prior to repair work - January 2013