Auto-Walkways Connect Port HQ to Terminal, Earn Awards

On your next trip to or from Portland International Airport, don’t break your stride as you approach the moving walkways in the pedestrian tunnels connecting the PDX terminal to the parking garages and Port headquarters building. When they’re not being used, the moving walkways are idle, but when infrared sensors are triggered by an approaching figure, the walkways spring into action, delivering travelers that much faster to their destination.

Helpful signs have been installed to alert passengers to the automatic on-and-off feature of the walkways, which are the first of their kind in the nation. Port engineers estimate that the walkways go into rest mode enough over a 24-hour period to result in a combined average energy savings of 43 percent.

The auto-walkways are just one of the many innovations incorporated into the Port’s green headquarters. The three-story office space, built on top of a seven-floor parking garage, was designed to use an estimated 36 percent less energy and 75 percent less water than a similarly-sized office space.

Christine White, Community Affairs Manager, 503.415.6056

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