Industrial Areas Habitat

The Port must consider impacts to natural resources, including wildlife, when development occurs on our properties. In the past, our Rivergate Industrial District has hosted a breeding and wintering population of streaked horned larks, a small native bird defined as “critically sensitive” by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. When this portion of Rivergate was leased and construction was imminent, the Port saw an opportunity to promote this small, native bird.

In collaboration with Metro, Oregon State University, and the Department of State Lands, and with the support of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Audubon Society of Portland, the Port helped create a five-acre site at St. Johns Landfill for streaked horned larks.

The site was seeded sparsely with native bunch grasses and will be monitored, weeded, and re-seeded as necessary to maintain viable habitat. It is less than one-half mile from Rivergate, and experts on this species of bird are confident that the birds will discover and use the new site.

Marla Harrison, Marine Environmental Manager, 503.240.2033

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