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New Green Headquarters

The Port of Portland's headquarters building, built on top of a seven-story parking garage at Portland International Airport, reflects our commitment to meet our mission while always looking for ways to improve our environmental performance.

The building, shaped like the hull of a ship, received Leadership in Energy and Environment Design platinum certification in June 2011, and staff is hard at work tracking the building's performance over time. It incorporates tried and true green building techniques, like high-efficiency energy and plumbing systems and recycled, regional, and rapidly renewable building materials. The building also features innovative strategies like an ecoroof specifically designed for the aviation environment; geothermal heating and cooling, including more than 17 miles of geothermal pipes; and a Living Machine® system, which recycles wastewater onsite for reuse in the building's toilets and cooling towers.

The building brought most Port administrative staff under one roof, which has helped to improve communication and collaboration among different departments while improving operating efficiencies. Additionally, staff enjoys a healthy work environment that includes natural light, dozens of waste minimization strategies, and a strong emphasis on indoor air quality.

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