PDX Water-Saving Flush Valves

Portland International Airport’s terminal has approximately 400 toilets, each of which is flushed approximately 200 times a day — that’s around 80,000 flushes daily!

In order to conserve water, the Port installed water-saving flush valves in nearly all the airport’s restrooms. While the average toilet uses approximately 3.5 gallons of water per flush, PDX’s toilets can use as little one gallon per flush.

By reducing the water necessary to flush the toilets, we save approximately 177,000 gallons each day — enough to fill 3,540 average-sized bathtubs. Plus, the water valves, at $28 each, were a cost-effective way to make a measurable change. The toilets are just one initiative from our Water Resources Program to conserve and protect water.

Christine White, Community Affairs Manager, 503.415.6056

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