Learn More About RSS News Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Syndicated content, otherwise known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is a format for distributing and collecting text content from Web sites such as online newspapers and blogs. By subscribing to a Port of Portland RSS feed, you will receive all updated news content (or a link to it) in your RSS reader as it is published on our Web site.

RSS Readers

You need an RSS reader to receive RSS feeds. RSS readers allow you to subscribe to feeds and bring content from many different sources into one convenient area. We have provided an optional list of readers such as My Yahoo and My AOL on our News Feeds page, but there are many RSS readers available. Whatever your preference, all RSS readers are used to collect, update, and display RSS feeds.

Subscribing to Port of Portland RSS Feeds

Subscribing to an RSS feed takes only a couple of clicks, and does not involve any registration process or fee. You don't have to provide your e-mail address or any other personal information to us when subscribing and it is very simple to unsubscribe.

After signing up for or installing your RSS reader, go to our RSS News Feeds page. If you see the button of your reader (Newsgator, Rojo, Google…), click on it in the corresponding section of the news feed you are interested in. Follow the instructions that your RSS reader provides to successfully subscribe.

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