Investing to Grow Fertilizer Exports

Portland is already the largest gateway on the U.S. West Coast for bulk mineral exports, and that gateway is about to get more efficient and diversified with the expansion of a potash export facility at Terminal 5 in Rivergate Industrial District. Potash is an ingredient in fertilizer to increase crop yields.

Canpotex Limited, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Portland Bulk Terminals, is investing up to $170 million in new equipment and infrastructure to improve efficiency and operations. A new storage building will allow for better management of specialty grade products at the terminal.

“This is yet another prime example of the influx of private investments in marine industrial facilities on our river system,” said Wyatt. “Since completion of the Columbia River channel deepening project in 2010, companies have initiated and committed investments totaling more than $866 million in Portland facilities and approximately $3.7 billion along the river system to date.”

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