Attention All Marine Security Badge Holders

On February 28, the federal Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program will be implemented at all Port of Portland marine terminals. Key points include:

  • A TWIC will be required for unescorted access to T2, T4 and T6.
  • There are no exceptions or waivers eligible for Port employees, tenants, and other terminal workers such as longshoremen, truck drivers, contractors, and railroad personnel.
  • Escort eligibility is limited to certain groups of persons with specific escort criteria.
  • Escorts are the responsibility of the sponsoring business unit or organization.
  • All Port Marine Security badge holders are required to read the new policies for escorting visitors at the marine terminals. 

The Marine Terminal Security Guidelines have been revised and contain important information on the new security measures including rules for entry, visitor notification, what to do if you lose your TWIC and escorting rules. A general overview of the new program and all supporting documents and forms are posted on PortNet.

Geoff Owen, Marine Security Manager, 503.240.2232

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