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Redeveloping Terminal 4, including the closure of Slip 1, was envisioned in 1981. The redevelopment of Terminal 4 is a major feature of this master plan update.
The redevelopment is currently underway, with Toyota having begun construction on a facility modernization in early 2003.
The loop track is made possible by the closure of Slip 1. Slip closure was identified in all of the Terminal 4 facility alternatives created during the planning phase of the project. Slip closure creates the potential for varied future uses such as habitat restoration or new terminal storage yard areas.
The development of one modern bulk facility is the preferred plan for Terminal 4. A 7,000-foot loop track provides unit train access for bulk cargos that are currently handled there, such as soda ash and grain.
Twenty-eight acres of property will no longer be used for marine purposes when the Toyota Redevelopment Project is completed. This property has been identified for industrial warehousing or for job-creating industrial uses.