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Terminal 6 is the state’s only intermodal container terminal, handling both automobiles and containers.
The preferred plan for Terminal 6 includes the completion of the Hyundai and Honda auto facilities. Improvements include additional storage and rail ramp capacity for Hyundai and a new, wider floating dock and rail over-crossing for Honda. Potential property acquisitions include 17 acres for future intermodal yard expansion and the reservation of 27 acres in Rivergate for future marine uses.
For containers, the preferred plan includes a berth extension at Berth 605 and two new post panamax cranes. Planning studies identified that the container yard, intermodal yard and truck gate improvements, completed over the last 10 years, have the capacity to accommodate the high growth forecast for more than 10 years. Gate improvements include modification of the entrance to the terminal to facilitate future security requirements and technology upgrades to improve gate and yard efficiencies.