Enhancing the airport you love for an even better experience.

PDXNext is a series of large construction projects that will make the airport better for travelers, airlines, and employees. The future changes to the airport will provide more gates for airlines and space for retail and restaurants, larger security checkpoints to help reduce time waiting in line, modern ticketing and baggage drop space, and more onsite rental car options for visitors to our region.

Pacific Northwest iron and steel workers placed the last, highest beam on top of the new Concourse E extension at PDX.

PDXNext Terminal Balancing

These projects will allow us to meet the growing needs of the airlines and people using the airport, while maintaining the heart and soul of the airport you know and love. The first changes you see will be the extension of concourse E, adding six new gates and space for new restaurants and retail for our friends at Southwest Airlines.

Those changes will give more space to Alaska Airlines to spread out in Concourses B and C. We’re also working to remodel Concourses A and B so that our short-distance flights have a more efficient and comfortable boarding area. If you’ve recently flown out of Concourse A, we’re sure you agree that it’s time for changes in that area.

We’re developing a new transportation center, adding a new building for onsite rental cars and additional parking options. This will also allow us to create additional options for the growing number of ride share vehicles.

PDXNext Quick Turnaround Facility
PDXNext South Lobby

Ultimately, we’ll also improve the ticketing and baggage claim areas of the terminal so that we are adapting to how people are checking in for flights, dropping off and picking up baggage. The region is growing and PDX needs to need to grow with it. Yet, even as we change, we will keep the essence of what you love about PDX intact. Throughout the changes ahead, we’ll communicate with you every step of the way to help make your trip to—and through—PDX as easy as possible.

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