Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is a multipurpose, 262-acre facility that features four ship berths capable of handling a variety of cargoes including autos and dry bulks.


Operations at the terminal directly provide more than 750 jobs, and firms working at the terminal and related truck and rail companies earn more than $232 million.

Tenants at Terminal 4 include Toyota, Kinder Morgan and International Raw Materials.

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Terminal 4 Specifications
  • Dry bulk handling facility leased and operated by Kinder Morgan
  • Vehicle distribution center leased and operated by Toyota Logistic Services, Inc.
  • Liquid bulk facility leased and operated by International Raw Materials
Berths 4
Total berth length 3,070 ft (936 m)
Draft Alongside 40 ft
Terminal acreage 262 acres
Terminal 4 Specifications
Dry bulk
Drybulk at Terminal 4

Several million tons of mineral bulks move through Portland every year. At the Kinder Morgan facility, soda ash, used primarily in glass manufacturing, is an example of a product that moves from rail to ship across our docks.


Since 1971, Toyota has been a fixture at Terminal 4, handling more than 10,000 vehicles per month. Dockworkers and others in the auto supply chain process the imports in Portland before they are sent to dealerships across the country. Portland’s reputation as a top auto gateway continues to grow – for a second year, we were the No. 1 exporter of American made cars on the U.S. West Coast.

Autos at Terminal 4
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