Marine Security

Transportation Worker Identification Credential: TWIC  

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is used in Portland and at all U.S. Coast Guard regulated marine facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Transportation Security Administration requires a TWIC — a federal identification card issued to an individual after a successful background and immigration status investigation — for unescorted access at regulated marine terminals. This rule applies at all Port of Portland marine terminals.

Personnel without a TWIC must be escorted by a TWIC holder in a side-by-side accompaniment for the duration of their stay on the terminal. There are some exceptions to this requirement that apply to federal officials, law enforcement officials, and government emergency responders who are in the course of official action only. Note that state and local government officials who are not law enforcement officials must have a TWIC for unescorted access.

The Port has defined who is eligible to escort and the rules for escorting. These rules are published in the Marine Terminal Security Guidelines. Arranging and providing escorts will be the responsibility of the sponsoring business unit or tenant. All Port of Portland marine security badge holders must read and understand the escort provisions.

Even those with a marine security badge must have their TWIC in hand to access secure areas of the marine terminals. The only areas of the terminals where a TWIC is not required are the administration buildings at T-6. There are also specific rules in the Marine Terminal Security Guidelines regarding newly hired employees and persons who have experienced a lost, stolen or damaged TWIC card. Managers are encouraged to be familiar with these provisions if their employees are TWIC holders.

The Port has also developed a Marine Access Request Form to notify the marine terminals of visitors who need to enter the terminals.

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